Llanelli Railway Goods Shed - Consultation

Early in 2012 the Trust commissioned a feasibility study to assess possible options for the future use of the shed, including the surrounding land.

The proposals were made the subject of a Public Consultation which was held at St.Barnabas Community Hall, Llewellyn Street, Llanelli, on Saturday 14th July between 2pm and 6pm. Attendees were able to view the proposals and ask questions of the consultants who consisted of architects and financial experts.

The consultants considered various options for the reuse of the shed. Currently the preferred option - based on several criteria including meeting a local (Llanelli wide) need and financial sustainbility - is to sub divide the interior of the shed for use as a performance space and reception area. We also intend to set aside an area devoted to the heritage of the building and Llanelli's industrial past. The steel frame extension at the east end is available to extend the internal facilities. The office building at the west end will also be considered for use as admin, office, meeting room and workshop spaces to serve the activities in the shed. The large basement area could be used for storage or other ancillary uses.

We are also planning to provide a cafe and community facilities.

A document (pdf format) of the boards produced for the consultation day is available here.

The image below, taken from the consultation document, is one of several examples drawn up to indicate a possible internal layout for the preferred proposal.

This cutaway view of the preferred proposal shows where the various internal areas making up the proposal could be located.

This external view of the preferred proposal shows where the various internal areas could integrate with the outside.

There will need to be a further period of consultations to firm up on the proposals to ensure the final option is sustainable. After the completion of the feasibility study, the challenge will be to secure sufficient funds from a variety of sources, to renovate the building.

If you wish to comment on the proposals or would like more information, please see our contact page.